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About Malaysia

Malaysians are very friendly and warm hearted. They are relaxing creatures.
Malaysia has a very diverse Geography; just like its culture. It has 11 states and 2 federal territories named Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur.

Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia are being separated by South China Sea. This includes 2 states named Sarawak and Sabah and a third federal territory.

You can view a two hundred storey skyscrapers and wooden houses built on stilts on the same lanes. Similarly, beautifully decorated five-star hotels are just meters away from ancient reefs.
Tourists visit the nation to experience never ending Entertainment. The Country’s tourist department has provided all sorts of facilities to the world tourists with many hotels, resorts, theme parks, and Casinos.

Sipadan Island in Malaysia is rated as one of the world's top diving sites with breathtaking underwater experience.

The Kabili-Sepilok Nature Reserve is home to the world-famous Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre.

In Malaysia, 52% population is Malays. The rest includes 27% of Chinese, 9% of Indians and the remaining 13.5% is of miscellaneous groups.

The Malaysian climate is tropical. The east coast often effects with rain and causes flooding.

Malaysian is the official language over here and the currency is Ringgit. Sunni Islam is the religion of the majority people.

The area played a dominant and vital role in regional trade and then Islam was gradually introduced by Arab and Indian traders. The Arabs and the Indians Muslims from Gujarat came to Malaya 500 years ago as traders and merchants. They brought Islam to Malaysia. It became popular with elite and princes and gradually expanded influence over much of peninsula. It became an important Islamic centre. This was followed by Portugal and Dutch. The nation began to gain more economic clout as trade with China expanded. Mining was an attraction and brought influx of Arab, Indian and Chinese immigrants. Britain established colonies and Kuala Lumpur was founded as a trading post for immigrant miners. It becomes capital of Malay States in 1896. Kuala Lumpur was given great importance and was never the same again. It prospered for than 200 years.

Malaysia had a great climate for growing various products. Rubber trees were introduced from Brazil in 1880. With the huge production of automobiles, rubber was exported, and in order to meet the demand laborers were brought in from India to work in the rubber plantations. Rubber plantations, English language and the extensive railway network were the motivators for Indians to arrive and settle in Malaysia. Britain has naval presence to counter Japanese. Nationalism grows, and ethnic tensions between Malays, Chinese and Indians begin to rise in a big way.

It was under Japanese occupation during World War II, but after it ended a growing nationalist movement began as also some insurgency. Malaysia came into existence on Sept. 16, 1963, as a federation of Malaya, Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak. In 1965, Singapore separated from the federation to become an independent nation.

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