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Documents Required to get an Admission in Malaysian University, Required Documents for Admission in Malaysian Universities

Documents Required

Please ensure that you have the following documents to get an admission in a Malaysian University: 

  • Passport with at least 6 months validity
  • Letter of acceptance/ admission
  • Entry clearance from local Malaysian Consulate/ Embassy/ High Commission before departure
  • Evidence of financial support and documents to prove availability of enough money for completing the course (this includes letter of scholarship and bank statements,) 

It is advisable that you commence study after having sufficient funds to finance the duration of the course.

A personal bond fee is required to be paid to Malaysian Immigration Department for applying a student visa. It varies from MR200 to MR2000. This fee is refundable on completion of the course.

International students have to undergo compulsory medical examination in Malaysia.

In addition to paying tuition fees, also consider expenses related to boarding and lodgings, books, stationery, clothing, traveling, holidays and entertainment.

The estimated annual cost of living expenses excluding tuition fees and accommodation costs per student is USD 2,500. They must inform the International Students Office their flight number, time of arrival and other details while entering Malaysia.

Thus to conclude Malaysia expresses genuine interest and helps to create products for Employers who look out for excellence and hire highly motivated people only. Malaysian universities help each student to understand him/herself, and give good results.

Understanding one’s own self and being fully convinced of potential is the basis of motivation. Malaysian universities always keep them motivated and ambitious and enhance their performance. They are adept at understanding the abilities and limitations of the students.

The advice of professors is goal oriented ensuring systematic career guidance. They facilitate healthy competition. Their efforts result in creating an atmosphere which favors the natural evolution of the student as an individual which is conducive to natural and healthy growth.

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