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Different Types of VISA for Malaysia, Different types of Malaysian Visas, Different Visa Types Malaysia

Other Types of Visas

Three (3) types of visa are issued by the Malaysian Government to foreign national: 
Single Entry Visa
This kind of Visa will be issued to expats who come to Malaysia on social visits or business visits. This visa allows you to stay in Malaysia for a period of 3 months and is valid for single entry only. 
Multiple Entry Visa
This kind of visa permits foreign nationals to make multiple visits on business purposes or on government to government matters. This visa is valid from three to twelve months from the date of issue.

Transit Visa
This kind of visa allows you to transit through International region of Malaysian Airports. Foreign Nationals on transit without leaving the airport grounds and who continue their trip to their next destination using the same flight does not require a transit visa.

Visa on Arrival

Visa-on-arrival will be given to those who already hold a visa to enter Thailand or Singapore.
The following conditions are applicable:

1. The visa is valid for fourteen days and be specifically for tourist purposes only. This cannot be extended further. 

2. The applicant must have a confirmed return ticket 

Point of entry is:
a) The Kuala Lumpur International Airport OR
b) The Sultan Abu Bakar Complexs, Tanjung Kupang.

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