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Estimated Expenses

Estimated Expenses

You can acquire a UK engineering degree in Malaysia through a 3+0 franchised programme at an estimated USD6000, whereas tuition fee for the same 3years degree programme at the host university in the UK is about $45000 or GBP30, 000.

Cost of living is low in Malaysia. The total expenditure for accommodation, food, transportation is estimated at $375.

Accommodation – You should estimate between $94 to $140 per month. Note that the rental will vary depending on the area, type of accommodation, facilities provided and of course, the number of people sharing the room.

Food – Food expenses is estimated at $4.2 for three meals per day, but if you should cook and share cooking expenses with friends, it would be cheaper.

Clothing – clothing expenses like ironing, washing, may cost up to $19 per month.

Transportation – $13 per month

Mobile phone bills – $17 per month

Books and other stationery – 24 per month

Medical – $16 per month

Tuition fees for Bachelor’s degree programme

Programme  Tuition fees programme duration

Engineering  $15,600-$18,700 4 years

Business  $10,300-14,000 3 years

IT  $11,000-$15,600 3 years

Hospitality and Tourism $11,000-18,700 3 years

Pharmacy $31,200-$43,700 4 years

Tuition fees for Master of Business Administration

Private universities $6,560-$9,375 [1-2 years]

Public universities $4,060-$7,810 [1-2 years]

Note that all the figures here are estimated and serve only as a guide.


Also, the fees are for the entire duration of the programme.

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